Creating Smart Matching to Find 25,000 Experts Every Year

Our client

In 2016 the team that subsequently founded had noticed that it was really difficult to get in touch with local experts. This led to the creation of the website.

The project

The team wanted to develop a website which would bring experts together with the people who needed their expertise. This would provide exciting opportunities for small businesses such as photographers, yoga instructors and language tutors to develop find new clients, whilst making it easy for potential customers to find local people with specific skills and expertise.

Choosing TechNative Software Services

We provide outstanding levels of service to our clients and have developed an enviable track record for delivering projects on time and on budget. Our reputation and the combined expertise and experience of our team impressed the founders of

We demonstrated our ability to write high-quality code which could be easily developed further and extended to broaden functionality. With a track record of delivering accurate, reliable and robust code, it was clear we had the right attributes for Skillseeker to commission us for this project.

Our approach

We wrote some really complicated and specialist code to develop a system which works with a points-process. The requestor (person who needs the service) fills in a questionnaire and the system is designed to then connect the request to multiple providers (people who can provide the service), enabling opportunities for communication between the different parties.

The smart distribution of requests is based on data that the requestor provided from a dynamic request form on the homepage. This form asks different questions based on previous answers and then asks generic questions to ascertain the location and contact details of the person completing it.

This information is then used to run queries on the database of providers and identifies the providers who best meet all the requirements outlined in the dynamic form questions. To ensure the system works well, and to maximise customer satisfaction, each provider has to provide information about this availability, location and the distance they are willing to travel.

In 2017 we launched a solution which, in the first year helped 25,000 people find experts in over 200 different categories.