Developing Certification Software To Enhance Teacher Training and Development

Our client

Alex van Groningen is a major provider of training and events for supply teachers. Most of these courses require the issuing of a certificate of attendance as they are counted as professional development activities

The project

Alex van Groningen needed to find a way to automate the way in which certificates were produced and then issued to delegates attending the events. They needed a platform which was able to use a set of data to not only produce evidence of attendance, but which could also distribute this information to the attendees.

Choosing Code Seed

Like many of the projects we are asked to support, this one required extensive testing and development to create a solution which was able to deliver all the elements that were required by our client. Alex van Groningen chose us for our reputation and our commitment to always delivering projects on time.

Our approach

We created a system which was able to provide and distribute certificates. This is achieved through the development of a platform which allows an event organiser to login and upload a CSV file which includes the details of all those who attended events. Data includes names, event descriptions and dates.

The platform is then able to generate a certificate which records the length of time each delegate was at the event, distributing the certificates by email to each delegate. At the same time the system also updates the information about each delegate on a database of supply teachers.

In addition to the web-based platform we also created a web-service which communicates with iOS and Android apps. These provide end-users with access to the information held in the system